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Customer Service can be called on 13 39 38 or Corporate Business Support on 1300 190 525

You will get a far quicker response calling the Corporate number – if you are a Exetel Corporate Client.

Who owns the company Exetel?

Beginning its journey more than 15 years ago as a family-owned enterprise, Exetel has evolved into a key member of the Superloop Group, renowned as Australia’s rapidly rising challenger in the telecommunications arena.

How do I email Exetel Australia?

Exetel Email Addresses

Exetel Tech Support residentialsupport@exetel.com.au

Exetel Billing billing@exetel.com.au

Exetel Residential Sales residentialsales@exetel.com.au

Is Exetel based in Australia?

Exetel, an Australian internet service provider, delivers a wide range of services, including ADSL, web hosting, VoIP, and more, to clients throughout Australia. With its central operations situated in Sydney, Exetel operates its switching centers within secure data centers across major mainland Australian cities

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