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WE DISCOUNT ALL EXETEL BUSINESS SERVICES – above is just an example of how we can save you money.

Please Tell Us If We Are Not The Best Exetel Referral Deal.

Are you ready to save big on Exetel Business Services? Look no further! We’re excited to offer exclusive discounts on all Exetel Business services. Imagine getting paid for choosing Exetel as your service provider – that’s right, a cash back rebate awaits you when you join our ever-growing list of satisfied clients. At Kickstart Computers, we believe in providing immediate relief, so forget about waiting months for validation.

Currently, you can enjoy savings of up to $126 when you sign up for an Exetel Small Business NBN Service (available to new Small Business nbn™ customers only). But wait, there’s more! By using the Agent code EXEAGENT1126, you can potentially save up to $201 on your sign-up. That’s a deal worth anywhere from $120 to $201!

To take advantage of this incredible offer, simply click on the link below to sign up. And don’t forget to enter the Agent code during the sign-up process to unlock additional savings. Let Exetel Business be your trusted partner in saving money and delivering exceptional service.

The below link is where you signup, however, please read the below so you are aware of where to enter the Agent code for additional savings.

Exetel Small Business NBN Signup — Click here to enter the promo code but first read below

How Do I Get The Exetel Small Business Promo Code To Work ?

The Exetel Small Business Promo Code, Voucher, Discount Code or Coupon Code, is Kickstart Computers Agents Code.

Vouchers and Coupon codes expire within a time frame, however, our Agents code of EXEAGENT1126 (Exetel Referral Code ) can be manually entered within the signup registration. If you forget you cant go back after and make amends. The below image shows where the required Exetel promotional Agents code of EXEAGENT1126 needs to be entered.

The Agent Code, that you are needing to enter, currently comes up on the last page of signup – called the payment page.


Exetel Small Business NBN Cashback Table

The below table is used to outline the cashback reward the client gets within signup of services.

Exetel Business Service Exetel Business Cashback Amount Per Monthly Spend
Exetel Small Business NBN Less Than $70 per month - $30
Between $70 and $295 per month - $50
Greater than $295 per month - $75

Where To Add The Agent Code On Payment Page Of Signup

exetel small business nbn promo code

Exetel Business NBN

Exetel Business nbn comes within three tiers of service, namely
  • Exetel Small Business nbn – mentioned above
  • Exetel Business Fibre
  • Exetel business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet
You can use the links provided below in the information summary of services to check out the pricing before discount.Once you are aware of your spend then, please call or email to learn of your potential savings.

Exetel Business Fibre

 “As we deploy the infrastructure of all major fibre carriers to connect to our own Points-of-Presence around Australia, we can design a flexible and affordable fibre solution that best fits the needs of each of your sites, the variety of your business applications and, most importantly, your IT budget.

Our multi-carrier network gives your business secure, high-speed fibre access, with 1:1 contention, a choice of access speeds, and flexible pricing options.”

Click Here To Learn More And Get Pricing BEFORE Discount

Exetel business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

 Over 17,000 Australian businesses trust Exetel
 Fast onboarding, better service & support
 Your own dedicated account manager
 Transparent pricing & better value for money
 2,500+ 5-star Trustpilot reviews for Exetel
 Degree qualified support engineers available 24×7
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Exetel Phone Plans

Exetel is powered by the Telstra 3G, 4G and 5G wholesale networks, with coverage to 98.8% the population. Exetel offers Personal Mobile Phone Plans ranging from $16 month and Business Mobile Phone Plans ranging from $25per month – up to 200 users.

Business SIM-only mobile fleet

4G and 5G plans for fleets up to 200 users

No lock-in contracts

Unlimited national calls & text

eSIM available

Share Data between fleet members

Full data usage and spend control

Australia’s most trusted mobile network

We use parts of the Telstra 3G, 4G & 5G networks to deliver ExeSIM business mobile cover to more than 23 million Australians.


Exetel VOIP

Exetel has price savy plans for all your business phone needs.

Please click the below image to learn in detail whats on offer and either call us or Exetel to learn of the cost benefits for your business.

If you already know what you want then please call us to learn how we can give you a cash incentive to lessen  the impact of the monthly bill


If needing us to guide you through and give advice then we are but a phone call away.
exetel voip image

Exetel Business Summary

No matter what your interests are within Exetel, Kickstart Computers has you covered.
We can pass on a monetary relief, as a once off payment, once we are aware of the services you are needing. With an extensive amount Exetel Business service variables to choose from, in essence, the more you spend the greater the savings we can pass on. 

Unlock your business’s success with Exetel’s cost-effective and reliable telecommunications services. Offering tailored solutions, exceptional support, and cutting-edge technology to keep your business connected and competitive. Let’s discuss how Exetel can boost your business – call us today!


Exetel Business Questions

If there are any questions within how to join an Exetel service, feel free to call Kickstart Computers on 08 8522 3448


Click the below image for an email to be sent.

Exetel Promotion Questions


Exetel Business Questions And Answers To The Above


What exclusive discounts are available for Exetel Business services through Kickstart Computers?

Kickstart Computers offers exclusive discounts on all Exetel Business services, with potential cash back rebates for customers who choose Exetel as their service provider.


How much can I save when signing up for an Exetel Small Business NBN Service?

Currently, new Small Business NBN customers can save up to $126, and by using the Agent code EXEAGENT1126, they can potentially save up to $201 on their sign-up.


Where do I enter the Agent code for additional savings when signing up for Exetel Small Business NBN Service?

The Agent code (EXEAGENT1126) needs to be manually entered on the last page of the signup process, which is called the payment page.


What are the different tiers of Exetel Business NBN services?Exetel Business NBN services come in three tiers: Exetel Small Business NBN, Exetel Business Fibre, and Exetel Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. Each tier offers specific benefits and pricing.


Which mobile networks power Exetel’s Business Mobile Phone Plans, and what features do they offer?

Exetel Business Mobile Phone Plans are powered by the Telstra 3G, 4G, and 5G wholesale networks, providing coverage to 98.8% of the population. These plans offer options for both personal and business use, including features like eSIM availability, unlimited national calls and text, and more.


How can I learn more about Exetel’s VOIP and cost-saving options for business phone needs?

You can click on the provided link to get detailed information on Exetel’s VOIP offerings. Additionally, you can call Kickstart Computers for guidance and advice on how to save on your monthly bill.


How can businesses get in touch with Kickstart Computers or Exetel to inquire about these exclusive offers and savings?

You can call Kickstart Computers at 08 8522 3448 or use the provided email link to reach out for assistance and further information about joining an Exetel service.


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