Soniq S55A15A-XX – 55inch FHD Digital Signage Non Touch Kiosk


Soniq S55A15A-XX – 55inch FHD Digital Signage Non Touch Kiosk

Kiosks provide an immersive experience for the customer and offer a unique ability to analyse and interpret data for companies. Engage your audience by providing dynamic content within an immersive environment. Digital Kiosks are fantastic for displaying restaurant menus, retail shop directories, and many more applications.

Cybercast Digital Signage allows business and individuals to increase profits and brand awareness by drawing attention to promotions. Featuring a fully dynamic and online system, drive sales with a constantly evolving marketing tool able to be adapted to a changing market instantly.


  • Multiple authority levels
  • Remote and real-time update
  • Monitor the health and usage of devices and app performance


  • Simple Deployment and CMS
  • Simple use interface 
  • 4 Simple steps to run a campaign 


  • Single or multiple screen packages available
  • Able to run single or multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Suitable for SME and larger international corporations


  • Local and cloud-based content management
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Suitable for a wide range of devices
  • Compatible with various media formats
  • Dongle option with existing devices


  • No printing required
  • No courier dispatch of flyers
  • No delay in promotion
  • Overhead cost reduction on system management and maintenance 


  • In-house development and design team
  • Customised applications
  • System integration
  • Bespoke screens and devices

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