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Exetel Business NBN

Exetel business plans

Exetel offers many services to meet the clients needs.
Whether its Business or fixed cables Exetel has you covered in bringing you a fast reliable connection at costs that wont break the budget.
Lets first look at the wireless solution before going into the three possible cable services.

Exetel nbn plans

Exetel Business Wireless

“For many businesses connecting certain sites with terrestrial cables can often be impossible, too hard, too slow or just too expensive. That’s where our Fixed Wireless Ethernet service come in.
Fixed Wireless Ethernet can deliver the speed, security and reliability you need to almost any geographic location. And because it is quick and easy to set up, it is a great way to ensure your network can grow with your business.
Exetel can deliver business grade Fixed Wireless Ethernet with speeds from 1 – 1000 Mbps and a guaranteed level of up-time at 99.95% Service Level Agreement

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Exetel Small Business NBN

“Faster internet. Faster help. Faster support.
Make your business the real winner.
5 FREE speed boost days a month
• Unlimited business nbn™ 50/20 Mbps plans from $64/mth
• Help guarantee within 5 minutes or $10 credit applied
• Support available whenever you need it, including prioritised calls during extended business hours
• Free WiFi modem on all plans

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Exetel Business Fibre

“Fast, future-ready fibre
As we deploy the infrastructure of all major fibre carriers to connect to our own Points-of-Presence around Australia, we can design a flexible and affordable fibre solution that best fits the needs of each of your sites, the variety of your business applications and, most importantly, your IT budget.
Our multi-carrier network gives your business secure, high-speed fibre access, with 1:1 contention, a choice of access speeds, and flexible pricing options.

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Exetel nbn enterprise ethernet

Gigabit speed business internet at a super-value price

• Over 17,000 Australian businesses trust Exetel
• Fast onboarding, better service & support
• Your own dedicated account manager
• Transparent pricing & better value for money
• 2,500+ 5-star Trustpilot reviews for Exetel
• Degree qualified support engineers available 24×7

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Is Exetel a good NBN provider

Exetel from third party reviews has been found to deliver a fast and reliable service. It brings exceptional value through features like Speed Boost Days and can cater to both business clients and those seeking mobile phone services.

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