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Exetel Promo Code  With Up To $138 Savings 


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Attention all bargain hunters!

Are you in search of the ultimate Exetel referral deal? Look no further! Kickstart Computers is excited to present an exclusive cash back rebate for new clients. Say goodbye to waiting for months to receive your payment; we provide instant monetary relief right at the time of service commencement.

For new residential nbn™ customers, there’s a chance to save up to $108inc. But here’s the real game-changer: by using the Agent code EXEAGENT1126 during the signup process, you could save a whopping $138inc. Yes, you read that correctly – it’s a deal worth celebrating!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away – click the link below to sign up and make sure to follow the instructions on where to enter the Agent code within the payment section for additional savings.

Exetel Broadband NBN Signup


How Do I Enter The Exetel Discount Code Within Signup ?

The Exetel Promo Code, Voucher, Discount Code or Coupon Code, is Kickstart Computers Agents Code.

Vouchers and Coupon codes expire within a time frame, however, our Agents code of EXEAGENT1126 (Exetel Referral Code ) can be manually entered within the signup registration.

If you forget you cant go back after and make amends.

The below image shows where the required Exetel promotional Agents code of EXEAGENT1126 needs to be entered.

The Agent Code, that you are needing to enter, currently comes up on the last page of signup – called the payment page.

See the below image to understand what the payments page looks like and where to enter the Agents code – seen by the red writing in the below image.

exetel payment page

Exetel Discount Code Cash Back Table

The below table is used for outlining Kickstart Computers Cashback reward.

Exetel Service

Exetel Cashback Amount Per Monthly Spend

Residential Broadband NBN

Less Than $60 – $15 — Between $60-$80 – $20


Greater Than $80 – $30

Mobile Plans

Less Than $20 – Nill


Between $20 and $40 – $5


Greater than $40 – $10

Exetel Small Business NBN

Savings Up To $75inc – Click Here To Learn More

Exetel Business Fibre

The More You Spend The More You Save

Exetel business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

The More You Spend The More You Save 

How Do I get My Exetel Cash Back

After joining an Exetel Service, please email us at sales@kickstartcomputers.com.au and within the content state the name of the Exetel Service, your Customer ID and the Name the account is under. If you wish to be paid via bank transfer we will require the Bank Account Name, BSB and Account Number. You may also opt to be paid via Paypal, if so, we will require your Papal details.

The above cash back table outlines the amount of rebate. This amount will be deposited after the Exetel service has begun and the client is actually making payments towards their plan.

In other words, we will make payment straight away once you start browsing and will not put restrictions such as payment will come after 90days.

Exetel NBN

Exetel NBN won the 2019 Money Magazine “Best Value NBN Broadband Plan” – they must be doing something right in the eyes of consumer.

Should you opt for the Exetel 12 month contract and get the bonus modem OR signup with for the no lock in contract ? We at Kickstart personally believe that Exetel is delivering value for money services. You are more than likely going to be happy with their speeds and the government has put forward laws that protect the consumer in receiving the speeds advertised.

Most times the bottleneck within surfing the internet lies within how quickly the server serving the data can operate. This means that although the speed tiered plans may have a theoretical doubling in performance, at the computer console the impact is less.

Why not start off with the Exetel NBN plan at the lower speed and if frustrating slow, pay for the improvement within the next months data cycle ?

At least you will get to appreciate exactly what you are purchasing and get a feel for the extra expense.

Changing plans (at the time of writing) is free.

Exetel NBN Inclusions

Exetel NBN plans currently come with the below conditions. The Exetel NBN Service shapes your speed when you go over the quota and does not charge once you reach your monthly allowance. The speed check guarantee also brings peach of mind within receiving the speeds that you have paid for.

exetel discount code nbn inclusions image

Is Exetel Telstra or Optus?

Exetel used to use Optus for its mobile network. People who transferred over on the Exetel Super Saver $10 plan are still powered by Optus. The cheapest plan available at time of writing is $16 per month. If you are needing an eSIM plan then all plans are available for this – however, you had best contact Exetel’s Customer Service to find out the best way forward. 

Customers who bundle an Exetel mobile plan with an Exetel NBN plan can get $5–15 off their monthly bill.


How long does Exetel take to connect?

The average time it takes for an Exetel broadband plan to be connected is around three to five business days, but this may vary depending on your location and the type of connection you have. Customer Service will be able to give a more indepth insight to the timeline and advise on any delays. 


Exetel Awards:

  • Mozo Experts Choice Broadband Awards 2023: Exetel won two awards in this prestigious competition:
    • Fast Broadband (NBN100) category: Awarded to Exetel’s Family Plan, recognizing its speed and value.
    • Super Fast Broadband (NBN250) category: Awarded to Exetel’s Superfast NBN plan, for its high speeds and reliability.
  • Finder Award 2023: Exetel’s Extra Value nbn plan received this award for its combination of affordability, speed, and no lock-in contract.


  • Focus on cyber security: Exetel has been focusing heavily on cyber security, offering award-winning cyber-safe nbn™ broadband plans with built-in security features.
  • No lock-in contracts: Most Exetel nbn plans have no lock-in contracts, providing customers with flexibility and freedom to switch providers if needed.
  • Customer service: Exetel consistently receives positive feedback for its customer service, offering friendly and helpful support 24/7.
  • Community involvement: Exetel is actively involved in various community initiatives, such as supporting STEM education and environmental sustainability.

Exetel Promo Code Questions

If there are any questions within how to join an Exetel service, feel free to call Kickstart Computers on 08 7079 8649


Click the below image for an email to be sent.

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